Spread the Love

A percentage of all profits will be donated, monthly, to a different charity.

August donations will be made to... TBD. If there is a charity or cause dear to you, please reach out and let me know!

* * * * *

A percentage of July profits were donated to Changing Together, a centre for immigrant women in Edmonton, AB. I grew up there, and my mother has donated a lot of her time to this organization over the years. Her birthday was in July, and she requested any gifts she might receive to be a donation to this centre. 

* * * * *

A percentage of June profits were donated to the Black Legal Action Centre - delivering legal aid services to low and no income Black Ontarians.

* * * * *

A percentage of May profits were donated to the Interval House - dedicated to ending intimate partner violence. Thank you!

**Times are hard - so if you need a mask and can't afford one, or have a very limited budget for one, I have options available and will donate masks to those who need them. Just email me!**